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Premium NY Hops for Craft Brewers

Attention all brewers! Get your hands on the freshest beer hops around. Our hops are grown locally and hand-picked at the peak of maturity to ensure maximum flavor and aroma. We have a variety of hop varieties available including Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Cashmere, and much more. Don't settle for subpar hops, elevate your brews with ours. Order now and taste the difference for yourself. 

Upstate Hops brokers NY Hops with local craft brewers here in New York State. Farm brewers who must rely on an ever increasing volume of NY grown hops can benefit from this connection so if your looking for hops near you, contact us.

Here is what Upstate Hops can offer craft brewers:

  • Testing of all our hops for moisture, cohumulone, and alpha values
  • Whole Cone or pellets packaging in 1, 5, or 11 # nitro flushed mylar bags
  • Cardboard box packaging to reduce breakage
  • Cold storage of processed hops
  • Shipping via UPS
  • Up to date inventories of available hop varieties and volumes
  • Cost benefits for hop contracts ahead of harvest

   Craft brewers are encouraged to contact us for pricing of available hops near you.

Here is what Upstate Hops can offer hop growers:

  • Assist growers throughout the growing season
  • Test samples of their hops for alpha, beta and cohumulone levels
  • Harvest the hops with a mobile harvester
  • Assist in getting the cones dried to 10% moisture
  • Pelletize the hops with new state of the art equipment
  • Package the pellets in nitro flushed mylar bags inside cardboard boxes
  • Cold storage of processed hops                                                                                                                                                       

‚ÄčHop growers can choose any of these services a la carte, or they can sell their wet hops to Upstate Hops directly. 


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If you would like to discuss our prices for the services listed above, please give us a call/email at:

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