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Tuesday, January 16 2024

Today we're diving into the exciting world of New York-grown hops! New York State, with its rich agricultural heritage, is rapidly becoming a hotspot for high-quality, locally-grown hops. This resurgence is not only a nod to the state's historical roots in hop farming but also a boost to the local craft brewing industry.

  1. Historical Significance: Once the hop capital of North America, NY is reviving its legacy. We explore the state's history with hop cultivation and how this tradition is being reborn.

  2. Variety and Quality: NY's diverse climate allows for the cultivation of a wide range of hop varieties. We'll look at some of the unique strains grown in the state and how they're influencing the flavors of local craft beers.

  3. Sustainability and Local Economy: The growth of hop farming in NY is contributing to sustainable agricultural practices and bolstering the local economy. We discuss the environmental and economic impacts of this trend.

  4. Partnerships with Brewers: Many NY brewers are now partnering with local hop farmers. This collaboration is leading to some exciting and unique brews. We'll highlight a few standout examples.

  5. Future Outlook: With increasing interest and investment, what does the future hold for NY hop farming? We explore upcoming trends and potential developments in the industry.

NY-grown hops are more than just an ingredient; they're a testament to the state's agricultural prowess and a key component in the craft beer revolution. Whether you're a brewer or a beer aficionado, NY hops are bringing something fresh and exciting to the table.

Stay tuned to our blog for more insights into the fascinating world of hops and brewing. And if you're looking to try some NY-grown hops or want to know more about them, visit for a wide selection and more information. Cheers to great beer!

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