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Crystal (T-90 Hop Pellets)
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1# - 2022 Crystal (Alpha 2.67 - Beta 6.72)$15.00
5# - 2022 Crystal (Alpha 2.67 - Beta 6.72)$75.00
11# - 2022 Crystal (Alpha 2.67 - Beta 6.72)$165.00
1# - 2023 Crystal (Alpha 3.47 - Beta 6.68)$16.00
5# - 2023 Crystal (Alpha 3.47 - Beta 6.68)$80.00
11# - 2023 Crystal (Alpha 3.47 - Beta 6.68)$176.00
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Crystal hops are an American hop variety that offers a versatile flavor and aroma profile suitable for a wide range of beer styles.

Here's an overview of Crystal hops:

  1. Origin: Crystal hops were developed in the United States, specifically in the Yakima Valley of Washington State, a renowned region for hop cultivation. They were introduced in the 1980s and are a descendant of the Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hop variety.

  2. Aroma and Flavor: Crystal hops are known for their mild and pleasant aroma, often described as floral, spicy, and slightly fruity. They can impart subtle notes of earthy spice, floral tones, and hints of citrus and fruit. The nuanced and delicate profile of Crystal hops makes them versatile for various beer styles, contributing a balanced and harmonious aroma and flavor.

  3. Alpha Acid Content: Crystal hops typically have a moderate alpha acid content, usually ranging from about 3.5% to 5.5%. This means they can provide some bitterness when added during the brewing process, but they are not as potent in terms of bitterness as some other hop varieties.

  4. Usage: Crystal hops can be used at different stages of brewing:

    • Bittering: When added early in the boil, Crystal hops can contribute a subtle bitterness to the beer.
    • Flavor and Aroma: Added later in the boil, during whirlpooling, or in dry hopping, they can enhance the beer's flavor profile and impart their unique floral and spicy aromas.
  5. Cultivation: Crystal hops are primarily grown in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, especially in Washington State. The region's climate and soil conditions are ideal for hop cultivation, producing hops with consistent quality and desired characteristics.

  6. Popularity: Crystal hops have been appreciated by brewers for their versatile flavor and aroma profile. They are commonly used in a variety of beer styles, including pale ales, IPAs, lagers, and more. Their balanced and nuanced character makes them a valuable tool for brewers aiming to craft beers with a harmonious hop profile.

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Trying something new - Crystal Hops
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Rating 4/5
After incorporating Crystal Hops into my latest batch of pale ale, I was genuinely impressed by the subtle yet distinctive floral and spicy notes they added. The aroma was beautifully delicate, creating a harmonious balance that enhanced the overall drinking experience. Hops from were great, they create some great pellets.
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01/08/2024 - 03:44 PM
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