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Mackinac (T-90 Hop Pellets)
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1# - 2023 Mackinac (Alpha 10.75 - Beta 3.23)$22.00
5# - 2023 Mackinac (Alpha 10.75 - Beta 3.23)$105.00
11# - 2023 Mackinac (Alpha 10.75 - Beta 3.23)$220.00
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Mackinac hops, also known as Mackinaw hops, are a relatively newer hop variety that has gained attention in the brewing community.

Here's an overview of Mackinac hops:

  1. Origin: Mackinac hops were developed in the United States and were released to the public in the 2010s. They are named after Mackinac Island, a scenic island in Lake Huron in the U.S. state of Michigan.

  2. Aroma and Flavor: Mackinac hops are known for their unique aroma and flavor profile. They often impart fruity and citrusy notes, with hints of peach, pineapple, and other tropical fruits. Additionally, they can offer some floral and herbal undertones. The combination of these flavors and aromas makes Mackinac hops suitable for various beer styles, especially those aiming for a fruity and aromatic character.

  3. Alpha Acid Content: Mackinac hops typically have a moderate alpha acid content, usually ranging from about 8% to 10%. This means they can provide moderate bitterness when added during the brewing process, but they also contribute to the beer's aroma and flavor.

  4. Usage: Mackinac hops can be used at different stages of brewing:

    • Bittering: When added early in the boil, Mackinac hops can contribute moderate bitterness to the beer.
    • Flavor and Aroma: Added later in the boil, during whirlpooling, or in dry hopping, they can enhance the beer's flavor profile and impart their unique fruity and citrusy aromas.
  5. Cultivation: Mackinac hops are primarily grown in the United States, particularly in regions where hop cultivation is well-established. The specific regions and growers producing Mackinac hops may vary, but they are generally grown in areas conducive to hop cultivation.

  6. Popularity: Mackinac hops have been gaining attention among brewers looking to incorporate unique and tropical hop flavors into their beers. Their distinct fruity and citrusy profile sets them apart and makes them a sought-after choice for many craft breweries.

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