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Super Saaz / Saaz 72 (T-90 Hop Pellets)
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1# - 2023 Super Saaz / Saaz 72 (Alpha: 7.97 - Beta: 5.58 )$16.00
5# - 2023 Super Saaz / Saaz 72 (Alpha: 7.97 - Beta: 5.58 )$75.00
11# - 2023 Super Saaz / Saaz 72 (Alpha: 7.97 - Beta: 5.58 )$159.50
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American Super Saaz hops are a variety of hop known for their intense herbal, floral, and spicy aromas.

Similar to the classic Saaz hop but with a higher alpha acid content. This makes them a great choice for brewers who want to add a bit more bitterness and complexity to their beers.

Here's a breakdown of American Super Saaz hops:

  • Origin: Developed in the United States as a higher alpha acid version of the Saaz hop.
  • Aroma: Herbal, floral, spicy, with citrus and pepper notes.
  • Flavor: Similar to Saaz, but with a more pronounced bitterness and spiciness.
  • Alpha acid content: Typically around 5-8%, compared to 3-5% for Saaz hops.
  • Beta acid content: 4-6%.
  • Uses: Lagers, pilsners, kolsches, pale ales, IPAs, and other hop-forward beers.
  • They are a dual-purpose hop, meaning they can be used for both bittering and aroma/flavor.
  • They have a low cohumulone content, which means they don't contribute as much harshness to the bitterness.
  • They are a good substitute for Saaz hops when you want a bit more bitterness or intensity.

Overall, American Super Saaz hops are a versatile hop that can be used in a variety of beers. They are a great choice for brewers who want to create beers with a classic European hop character with a bit more of a punch.

Additional tips for using Super Saaz hops:

  • Use them in moderation, as their high alpha acid content can easily overpower a beer.
  • Add them late in the boil or during dry hopping to preserve their aroma and flavor.
  • Pair them with other hops that have complementary flavors, such as Cascade, Hallertau, or Tettnanger.

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