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Upstate Hops
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Chris Prout
Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.
Brooklyn, NY

"btw, the hops are great. The Williamette really floral - honeysuckle and summer grass. Cascade has a candied orange character that is nice. Certainly a unique character that I have not had in other hops.

We made a First Wave IPA with one, 6.8%, heavy on the hops (late Williamette and Cascade, Chinook bittering), light grain bill/crystal, London ESB yeast. Tasting nice on transfer!

Other is a sour farmhouse with conditioned on Hudson Barlett pears, all Williamette on this one. Digging the floral character!


Kyle Hurst
Big Alice Brewery
Brooklyn, NY

"Kyle from Big Alice here.  We loved your hops and would like to order more.  Please let me know what you have available.

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